Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lets rebuild our relations lives and lively hood soon

Are you working on the climate disasters? Why don,t you intervene the protection of us even  at the critical movement like this?We are displace to some relatives house since our home flooded 6 fetes.We will face same disasters three times a year normally, Wife of Ashoka Karunarathne(Board member We women Lanka net work)

More than five lakes of the people are displace and affected withing 15 district,200 are no more and other more than 100 are missing .Land sliding still remain in Gall District even 31st of May .We should think this situation much more seriously since flooding is now most common with land sliding too.What will be the responsibility of us as general public? What will be the others responsibility as Government?When will be the next who knows? and who wants to protect people really? Those are the practical and critical question we must answered very soon.

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